March 28, 2020

Seth Regan/Mankind Tracer SL Event Landmarks

The event is on for Sunday 3/29 at 2PM SLT. Here are the 4 Second Life event landmarks for each of the 4 sims. Please be sure to wear your best Red and Black outfit! There is space for 75 people per sim, so please arrive early and spread out among the 3 audience sims below. The 4th sim “Stage Sim” will only be accessible by the “Friends of Mankind” in world family group and a few VIP's including some of the Lindens. There are now over 2100 friends in the group, but we still have plenty of room left in the looney bin! When you arrive, you can enter the venue through the “Door of Light” and you will see the spinning FOM group joiners on the stage. See you Sunday and feel free to share. STAGE SIM - SIM 1 - SIM 2- SIM 3 - - U.S. All News