February 7, 2012

Go Aden!

You might be wondering how Aden did today with his audition. Over the past few months, we've been trying to get him seen by the most recognized children's talent agent in the US. When big name brands are looking for child actors, models for commercials, film and print, this is the agency on the top of the list that they reach out to. 

So for the past few months, over and over, he kept saying he doesn't take kids under 4 (Aden is still 3 till May). Since I happen to love my son more than anything EVER, and since I'm not one to take "No" very seriously without at least pushing a little more, he finally agreed to see Aden. We drove up to LA today and arrived at the building on Sunset Blvd. They gave us a sheet with a paragraph for Aden to become familiar with, something along the lines of " are the best potato chips, etc." So I sat with Aden in the waiting room, going over his "lines". This all while all Aden wanted to do was go talk to others in the waiting room! They called him in, on his own first. Not 5 minutes later I was sitting in this agent's office who immediately, after a big smile and solid handshake, told me he was very glad I kept pushing him to meet Aden in person. 

The thing is, Aden is truly a very bright little guy, and it's not just the proud Daddy in me saying that (yes, of course I AM a proud Daddy). But I didn't want this or any other agent to assume they can tell who/what Aden is about only from 2 dimensional pictures and a bio, without actually meeting him and seeing his amazing and charismatic personality and hearing for themselves how bright Aden is. 

Long story short, they signed Aden on the spot and are sending us to his first audition tomorrow morning for a very known brand! Mr. Agent Man promised with Aden being who he is, that he could definitely get him many more auditions. 

On the way out, he looked at me and said "We think Aden's going to do VERY well!" So congrats to my little man for beings freegin' awesome today and who knows, you might be seeing him really soon! Thanks for the good wishes! I'm VERY happy for him!

PS. We also stopped at the toy store on the way home!

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