November 12, 2013

Second Life Live Voice Concerts - A few points

I've been holding Live SL Voice performances lately and everyone really seems to enjoy it. I'm trying to make this "feel" like we are all gathered together in the same room or club where we can all now verbally interact with each other. 

If you wouldn't mind, as I know this is probably new to a lot of Second Life members, here are a few things that can be done to make the experience better for everyone:

• You don't HAVE to get on voice and if you do, you don't HAVE to talk. Just be comfortable listening and having fun!

• Please check your voice settings BEFORE coming to the venue. For greater voice stability, reduce bandwidth to around 400. Preferences > Network Settings.

• You can also test your setting by visiting this Second Life location. You will only be able to hear your OWN voice and make sure all sounds good.

• Choose "Listen from AVATAR POSITION" in Sound preferences.

• Use headphones not speakers and keep them on a relatively medium volume. This will remove any possibility of feedback from your speakers into your mic and not have anyone's eardrums ache after the show!

• If there is live performance going on, please mute your mic during songs. Live performers might also want to have voice volume turned off while playing a song in case someone arrives at the club with their speakers on and mic accidentally set loud. This will allow everyone to hear the show and not any accidental hum or typing during the songs.

• To hear best (and loudest), try to get closer to the performer.

• Depending where people are in the world, there may be greater or less latency (delay) from the time they speak until others can hear them. This is something that is defined by several variable such as distance to server, individual computer processing speed, etc. Please try to be considerate of and accommodate for this possible latency on your own voice and that of others.

• Please try to help each other. If you know how to set Preferences, please help those who may not.

Above all else, have fun. You don't have to get on voice, but if you do, then talk, interact, have FUN! - U.S. All News