July 13, 2012

"Paper Cup" - What it means to ME

Back in April, 2012 I released my latest album entitled "Underground". Within the album, there are a few darker undertones inspired by and reflecting upon a particular person in my life that has been going through a rough patch. As an artist, I draw inspiration to write from many sources, most often from within but from time to time, something on the outside, especially something close to me personally, draws my attention.

To that end, I felt I might explain a bit of what has been going on, behind the writing, behind the lyrics.

This person I am speaking of, he is a very smart, highly intelligent guy, very close to me in my life, but with all that smarts, he just can't seem to get out of his own way and push forward, through the muck and mire, which has been bogging him down. As much as I've tried to help him, throwing him a rope here and there, his lack of motivation to accomplish has removed his desire to even reach for it.

I am a firm believer in helping people, especially those close to us, but there must be a limit, a point in time when we have to consider that they simply don't want the help or for whatever reason, they are unable to reach out to the hand that's reaching out for them.

In "Paper Cup", I am speaking about the same person as I've mentioned in "Underground" and "Do it Again", namely, this person close to me in my life. "Paper Cup" also reflect on me personally. Sometimes we all fall down. Sometimes we all need help. I have fallen and a few times, I reached out for help.Sometimes I've fallen hard and my real friends were there, without me needing to ask.

"I'm kneeling down and I can't breathe, the price is high and I'm not free I'm half the man, half the man that I should be." This is the opening line of the song that captures how I felt at my lowest point. The term "Paper Cup" came to me after seeing a crumpled piece of paper on the floor thinking how little we care for something as quickly consumable and discarded as a paper cup. It gets one use for about 30 seconds or less, and is then discarded, without care, without thought and without any sense of hesitation.

Below are the full lyrics to the song. If you can relate on any level, then I truly hope you realize you are not alone... WE are not alone. We all have struggles but we must maintain our sense of pride and belief in ourselves that we CAN get up and get out of the struggles we are going through. Sometimes, we just can't do it on our own. With the help of a friend, a family member or even a kind stranger, we CAN get through.

"Paper Cup" speaks of how grateful I was personally after being helped when I was the one who needed it. ".... I would be there for you with a symphony behind me..."

Paper Cup
Words and Music by Seth Regan

Verse 1

I'm kneeling down and I can't breathe
The price is high, and I'm not free
I'm half the man, half the man that I should be

Verse 2

Well I take pride in things I do and say
And when I feel, I sometimes
Pray for guidance and patience to learn from my mistakes


And Oooh…. if I could
Oooh…. if I could
Oooh…. I would be there for you
With a symphony behind me

Verse 3

I'm torn apart I'm crumpled up
Discarded like a paper cup
I have nothing left to give
Except this stolen heart

Verse 4

I lost the battle and the war
Then you appeared and cleaned me up
So I could go out looking for another




And Oooh…. if I could
Oooh…. if I could
Oooh…. I would be there for you
With a symphony behind me

Playing through the night
So we could rise above it all
… just for a while.

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