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Called "Facebook for Second Life", Second Friends is "THE" Social Networking website tool for musicians, DJ's, fashion and other businesses and of course Second Life residents to be able to network with each other. Joining is as easy as using your Facebook, Google, Yahoo and now even your Twitter ID! 

On Second Friends, you can upload your video, pics, create groups, send group notices, create and publicize your events, public and private chat, play over 50,000 very cool online games... even customize your own profile page and lots more. As a well known performer in Virtual Worlds for over four and a half years, I use social networking seriously and this is a great tool! I can easily send all my posts, events, blogs to Facebook and Twitter with a few clicks! You're also welcome to join my own group here on Second Friends the Friends of Mankind If you are interested in booking for your club, venue or business, please contact Kalli Birman here or inworld.


Blogging is great as you can share yours or your favorite blogs with the other major Social Networks like MySpace, Twitter,, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Digg with one click. Even email blog posts to friends. You are free to post your your own products on your own profile in your photos or videos but please refrain from posting ads on your blog.

Chat with your friends and other members right on the home page, or "pop-out" the entire chat box into another window while navigating around, staying the loop of the conversations. If you are away from the home page, look on the bottom right of any other page of the website and you will see the Second Friends Chat strip that you can maximize at any time!

Advertising on Second Friends:

Second Friends has different industries already advertising and some of the biggest names in Second Life. Companies like Best of SL (BOSL), Gizza, Champion Horses, Club Graffiti, Paris Metro and Amaretto Breedables have all benefitted by the over 20,000 page views per month that Second Friends sees. With continued growth, advertising on Second Friends means a lot of eyes on your brand. 

If you are interested in advertising opportunities on Second Friends, please have either a 200 by 200 pixel, 160 by 160 pixel, 468 by 60 or 468 by 300 pixel banner ready (.jpg files please) and please contact me by email [] for pricing and availability. We can also offer a "Featured Listing" for your Photo, Profile, even your Group! Or have your Video featured right on the home page. All ads are based on a flat monthly fee and are first come first serve. There is limited space. Second Friends is not planned to become another "magazine" type of network, overloaded ad after ad. Once they're gone, they're gone.


All ads on Second Friends may be linked to a separate website, group page or profile page, or even to your location in Second Life through what is called a SLAP - Second Life Auto Port. This means when visitors click your ad, they will be offered a direct TelePort to your ad's destination. If they don't have Second Life running at that moment, the SLAP will automatically force launch SL and offer them a TelePort to your ad's destination upon successful login.

The new WHAT'S HOT! page features specific destinations and offers a teleport directly to your specified location - EVEN IF PEOPLE ARE NOT RUNNING SECOND LIFE! We call this a SLAP - Second Life Auto port and can also be built into any of our other Available Ad Properties. See the new page for yourself here:

Since Second Friends is still relatively new, the opportunity to get in early and secure your prime ad space is here NOW!!! All advertisers will also receive a Free Second Friends Banner to place at your desired Second Life location which will link directly to your Second Friends "Group" or "Profile" page on the website. Ad space is limited so if you're interested, please get in touch soon.


Second Friends doesn't really sell anything other than a few ad spots. To that end, we accept donations through the Donation App and navigation link. Your support is very appreciated. The Donations Page can also be found here: Make a Donation

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