March 15, 2012

ManKave: This One's for the Guys!

Women's clothes. Women's hair. Women's jewlery. WOMEN WOMEN WOMEN!!!

Everywhere you turn in Second Life, you see so much content available for women. Well what about us GUYS? We like cool clothes too! We like getting "stuff"! We just don't like the whole hours and hours of shopping to GET the "stuff"!

Truth is, most of us guys would rather hang out with our buds and give you your freedom to express your God given right to shop in peace, instead of watching you go through hours of shopping rituals while we're stuck twiddling our thumbs, or even our smart devices!

Enter ManKave!

The Grand Opening of ManKave will be on April 15, 2012

That's right... enter it. When you do, you will enter a place with a mentally suggested little boy's clubhouse sign that says "NO GURLZ ALLOWED!" Upon completion, expect to see some of the finest content creators offering stuff for us guys! All the "stuff" for sale will be rock inspired like clothing, jewelry, hair, skin, tatoos, etc.

There are also PLENTY of games to keep us occupied. There's a fully functional pool table, video games, poker table, a big screen TV pulling videos from all over, even YouTube! Plus the beer is cold and always fresh on tap!

Seated in The Village, a very unique build designed to resemble the late 1970's Greenwich Village, where you will also find Club Graffiti (the very cool underground rock club modeled after CBGB's), Brandy's Attic and other fine shops like Gizza, Paris Metro among others.

Once we launch, we'll hope to get a lot of people inn the Group to take part of some cool contests and events we already have in the works! Seated right next door to Club Graffiti, ManKave is a great after hours hangout if you just wanna relax with your buds after a show, or after a long day in Second Life! The doors will ALWAYS be open!

As for the shopping, well how about the fact that nothing will be priced over $L200! And truth be told, ladies, you can forget about the "NO GURLZ ALLOWED" sign cuz we think you'll want to come over too and pick out something very cool, very awesome and very affordable as a gift for your guy!

For the launch, we'll have some great live music and a few cool freebies for everyone that attends! Are you a really good content creator? Well then we might want YOU! We're expecting to launch ManKave on April 15, 2012 with 16 of Second Life's top content creators providing their wares and there's about 4 or 5 open spots left.

Get in touch with either myself, Mankind Tracer, or Kalli Birman via NOTECARD in Second Life. Please include your name, company name and a SLurl so we can check out your fine creations and maybe we'll invite you to be among the selected few to be a ManKave vendor.

All content in ManKave will be exclusive, meaning not available anywhere else. So for content creators, if you're interested, we'll need something for men, designed specifically for ManKave and MUST be rock inspired!

For everyone else, well Brandy and I hope you will enjoy the new shop and take advantage of some nicely priced very awesome creations! And guys, just so you know, I'm designing this place myself (ok Brandy helped a little) so expect it to be cold and shallow with lots of hard edges... you know, like us guys get while we're hanging out with our best buds... or after we get very little sleep!

So mark your calendars and stay tooned for noticed about the Grand Opening of ManKave! - U.S. All News