December 17, 2011

Miss Virtual World in Second Life!

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Once again, Frolic Mills, CEO of BOSL (Best of Second Life) , invited me to perform live at The Miss Virtual World Pageant in Second Life. It simply amazes me, the work this man puts into this event year after year. This is my fourth year performing and each year I see such changes, improvements even.

But this year, like all others, was a challenge, what with all the tech glitches that only Second Life can hand us. But that does not in ANY way take away from the professionalism of the entire BOSL team and of course those with Meatverse TV - - who ran the tech side of things, even broadcasting the event on their website.

I arrived at about 12:15PM SLT to perform at what was planned to be roughly 1PM or so. Hanging in the green room backstage, that quickly looking more like 2PM as the clock ticked by. Sadly, I had something to do in Real Life at around 2PM so I wasn't able to stick around much longer. I told Robustus Hax (Metaverse TV CEO), Dousa Dragonash, Persia Bravin and everyone else in the Skype conversation that I had to go fairly soon. They all worked and shuffled a few things around to get me on the stage sooner than later.

Have a listen to the live recording of my cover of Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable" taken from the Miss Virtual World Pageant. Click Here! 

In the end, I give a BIG HI5 to both the BOSL and Metaverse TV staff for some amazing professionalism in dealing with the Second Life glitches,ensuring a pretty smooth run of the MVW Pageant, technical issues and helping accommodate me personally so that Aden didn't have to sit there waiting at karate class wondering where in the hell i was!

Congratulations also to Serene Faith, Miss Virtual World 2011 who, today, enjoys her last day after a very giving and successful year as Miss Virtual World. Best of luck to the new Miss Virtual World 2012, whoever that winds up being!


  1. Wow doesn't even cover how I felt listening to this song. What a beautiful song. You have the voice to wow us in any genre.

  2. YOU... miss Suln.... ROCK!!!! Thank you so much :-)

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