January 1, 2012


First off Happy New Year to all!

2011 was an amazing year for me personally. Second Life has continued to be incredibly generous to me in support of my music and other areas. In real life though, my life continues to be ever evolving. The main reason is one word... Aden. There is a lot of adaptation in parenting... who knew?!?! As Aden is growing, his needs and wants are ever changing.

Not too long ago, my Second Life friends and family threw a party for me, back in May 2008, the month Aden was born. Yes it seems like yesterday and those of you that are parents, PLEASE don't tell me "wait till he starts driving..." or "just you wait till his teens..." LOL! Trust me, I've heard A LOT of that. But he IS a little boy now and he wants to do little boy things with his Daddy.

I started late, admittedly, with being a parent. I had Aden later than I had hoped but you know, he was given to me when the time was right, when the planets aligned, or something like that. Either way, he's here now and hopefully he will be for a loooong time.

2012 is here and to you, oh Father Time, I say this... take it easy on me! While Aden grows and is becoming the beautiful, amazing, incredible little boy he is becoming, I have found myself maybe less patient than I would like to be. I see it in myself. I'm not really an impatient man, mind you, and I don't want to come off in a bad light as some neglectful, evil jerk. Anyone that knows me will tell you how devoted I am to the little guy, but he is after all, a little boy. He loves his Daddy, he loves spending time with me, playing, building, tinkering, having me teach him, etc. But sure, sometimes there are those minutes when I'm working or otherwise busy that when he keeps nipping at my hells, I feel, hmmm, what's the word? Well.. impatient!

So my resolution is to be conscious of my tipping point and when I feel I've reached it, give myself permission to take a deep breath and just look at him and REMEMBER how much I adore him. I mean, what if this is really my last day with him? For whatever reason. (God forbid something should happen to him... it would completely be the end of me). But I know there is always time when I can take a moment to look at his smile, at his eyes  - and oh how bright his eyes are -  when he looks up at me wanting something. It pains me that I even have to think about being patient with him. I love him so incredibly much!

So it's a decision I have made that in 2012, I will be more patient with Aden and remember that it's ok to stop what I'm doing for a few minutes to make him happy... and to MAKE him show me that smile!

Smile, Aden... smile.
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