December 27, 2011

Awesome Celebration of MVW 2012

What a great time and turnout today for the party that Brandy/Kalli and I threw for Miss Virtual World 2012, Anna Sapphire, over at our venue, Club Graffiti in The Village, in Second Life.

I definitely wouldn't call myself a fashionista in ANY sense, I'll leave that to the pros so have a look at the article on the BOSL Website, written by "rusalka"

I will say that with about 80 people on sim at peak, the sim held up fine, laggy yes, but crash we did NOT! This is likely because we started off with a 60 person limit and slowly raised it to control how quickly new people arrived. There is such a thing as "Crash Lag" which occurs when too many people are teleporting in to one place at the same time. Controlling the speed at which they are allowed to TP in seems to help... A LOT! 

Thanks much to those who came out. I really had a great time performing for Anna and everyone else in attendance and welcoming her in as MVW 2012.  For those who couldn't get in, well I hope to catch you at future shows and events :-)

Anyways, here's the article.

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