December 25, 2011

Paper Cup

Sometimes when trying to fall asleep, I'm kept awake by a melody and my mind tries to write while I'm also trying to fall asleep. Most of the time it keeps me up. So last night, I decided not to fight it. I dragged myself up long enough to get the root of this idea down on lyrics and guitar. 

This morning I found what I had written last night front and center on my computer, right where I left it. I continued writing along the storyline and recorded. This is one of those songs I would consider a gift, not for someone else, but given to ME, right on time for the holidays. But it kind of took its own shape and in many ways, wrote itself. Here's what it ended up as. It's very raw and meant to be so.

I won't offer any ideas as to what it's about, it does tell a bit of a story but I prefer listeners make up their own minds as to what it may mean to them.

Listen by clicking HERE.
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