December 1, 2011

Linden Realms: A First Look

I had a quiet day today and after speaking a bit with Brett Linden, he let me know that today was the Linden Lab rollout of Linden Realms. Well being the 5 year veteran to Second Life that I am, I HAD to have a look.

I started here: Destination Guide "Linden Realms"

This link takes you to the "Portal" to the portals (so to speak). As you'll see from this Destination Guide page, there a about 10 different areas to start from. I chose the first on called Degrand.

(Here are a few screenshots taken from the Destination Guide itself)

Now I'm not really into Dungeons and Dragons games or those kind of video games (remember Dragon's Lair?), so this whole thing about collecting crystals was a bit off for me but, what the hell! I teleported to Degrand and found myself among maybe 10-15 others pretty much just standing about. Well I was there to check things out. So off I go. First thing is to find where the heck I need to go. I cammed out and found an odd looking oval stone and watched one oman walk in and not come out. "Hmmmm" I thought. So I walked in and instantly was teleported to another location where i found the goal was to get to a workshop and find some colored crystals.

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There's more to it but I certainly don't want to spoil the fun for anyone. but I'll just say, the builds that I saw in Degrand and other Realms were VERY cool. There's definitely a vibe the builders were going for and boy did they get it. There are minor details that not everyone will catch consciously, but being a graphic/web designer myself, I made sure to look. There were animated fairies, very cool mushrooms, sculpties all over, great huts and medieval style houses and other builds.

I'll have to tell you, I am thinking very positively about Linden Realms. It can and probably will create a whole new level of fun and interaction among SL residents.

So on my initial journey to Linden Realms, I give it two thumbs up. Mostly for the extra time and effort obviously poured into these builds.

I think my next stop will be Helfell! I kinda like the name!

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