January 25, 2012

The Business Side of Second Life Music - Events Listings

Have you taken a look at the Events Calendar in "Live Music" lately? Over the past year or two, the number of events at almost any given time has been steadily increasing. While this is a great indication of a thriving music community, the listing system itself lacks in organization.

I made mention a few weeks ago about a conversation I had with a few people at LL offering a simple idea to address this growing problem. As you look at the "Live Music" listings, it is a jumble of Live music, DJ events, Track Singers, Tribute concerts etc. If you feel like going to a clubbing event with a kick ass DJ, then we shouldn't have to try to weed through 50 others that have nothing to do with what we're looking for. If we want to go see a live performance, where the artist is playing live and singing live, the same applies... same with track Singers, Tribute concerts, and so on.

The idea I proposed to Linden Lab is very simply to add a few levels of categorization. So under a top level Event header of say "Music", there can be a drop down for each category, Live Music, Track Singers, DJ Events, etc.

This will help in a few ways. First and most obvious is that it makes it easier to find what you're looking for.

Second, it makes it better for those who are putting on the events. With the new system, their events will be more highly visible and in the Category they need to be in.

Third, there's no reason a live performer should have to compete for a time slot and advertising space with a DJ event. They are two different genres of music/event.

In my opinion, implementing these minor changes (as they don't require a ton of code or hours and hours of programming) can make a HUGE difference in the overall Second Life experience, especially for new users who may not be entirely familiar with SL to begin with.


  1. Nice idea, but who will police it?
    Don't forget human nature.

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    2. Hey Gar,

      Well I don't believe it's really a matter of watching or "policing" what goes up... and I don't believe anyone is policing it now. And just like the way the current system is now, it will be up to the performers to place their event in the appropriate category. I know personally, I wouldn't put my live shows under DJ events, I would want them under "Live Music" or whatever the category gets named. I believe it's a matter of giving performers an opportunity to more precisely classify what it is they are offering by way of their entertainment and therefore, offering an easier way for SL'ers to find them.

      Thanks for the comment Gar :-)

  2. Though I don't necessarily agree that subcategorization would be of service to the music community (and can think of reasons why venues and entertainers might discourage it), it is even more difficult to see why LL would take an interest in it.

    My rational for this is that LL has, as of yet, not been able to identify an effective way to access a significant portion of the economy of the music community.

    Think about it. Stores and property owners on second life both suffer from the maladies inherent in a broad search feature. However, they have provided alternatives on the secondlife.com website that can streamline search for users. Of course, LL get a portion of the sales from these transactions (marketplace) or vested interest in the sustaining of populated properties.

    The music community will see the same level of deference when LL is able to access the monies that get exchanged within the music community. However, I can see implementing a fair and legal system a logistical nightmare, which is probably why it isn't done at this time.

    Furthermore, from LL point of view, I can see how they would doubt the pay off. Despite the huge music community, large segments of the SL community are indifferent to music on SL. Of those who do love the music scene in SL, I believe it is debatable that a significant portion of the music community fans are solely interested in only one segment of the music community (only DJ, only musicians). I think LL takes the stance that people are just looking for a good time on SL and they understand it can be had in many ways. I agree. I love live music, but I also can enjoy the great personality of a fun DJ or a creative set in the hands of talented Track Artist.

  3. Adevina,

    As you stated " I believe it is debatable that a significant portion of the music community fans are solely interested in only one segment of the music community". I throughly agree which is why, if SL residents were given a simpler way of finding what they are looking for, it would make more sense, along the lines of your thinking. Thus, they would be able to more easily and readily search for the various areas of musical performances.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment :-)


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