January 24, 2012

Original Artists might like this...

Bandcamp! I love it!

If you are a live performer with original music, I would highly recommend getting a free account on Bandcamp. (They don't take cover tunes unless you have proof of mechanical licensing.)

To slice it up quickly, as long as you have your raw audio files, like an .aif file, you can upload and start selling your music right away. Thea reason Bandcamp needs a raw file is that they actually convert them into different file formats for download such as mp3, Ogg, and so on.

Next, there is a very cool app that ties in very easily and seamlessly with your existing Facebook page. It didn't take me very long at all to set up my Bandcamp account and get it going on Facebook as well.

There are custom options so you can get the look and feel of your Bandcamp page looking the way you want. No font choices, but color selections are easy to finalize and the website even offers a very simple way to upload a header for your page and even for the Facebook app.

Another cool feature is that you can set your own pricing meaning you're not limited to any "standard" pricing. You can even offer your songs for free, or a minimum of whatever you want, then let fans pay what they want. For example you can let fans name their own price for a track, with a minimum of 50 cents or 99 cents or whatever you want. Same holds true for the albums themselves.

You can also embed a cool music player on you social networks, blog or your own website allowing visitors to check out your tunes. Here's what mine looks like:

Your tracks can include lyrics, liner notes, links to your social networks, website, blog, etc.

I've only started on it today, but I have to say, the tools are there, now it's just a matter of what you do with it. I'd recommend this to everyone looking to take their digital distribution in their own hands, or just to have as an added perk for fans.

I'd recommend reading all the documentation laid out on their website. It's very informative and the directions are very plain, easy to understand and implement.

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