November 25, 2011

Black Friday event at Ground Zero

If you read my previous post, Thanksgiving Gift, you can probably understand that I was a bit nervous about being able to perform today. Thea and G Metal, both fiends and long time supporters of my live music performances in Second Life, are the owners of this fairly new Second Life Live Music Venue.

Kalli/Brandy and I had booked this event a few months back and I SO hate having to cancel last minute. The truth is, I had been looking forward to performing an afternoon show for some time, as my daily schedule doesn't allow for them as much as it used to. I've seen great support and friendship from fellow SL'ers across the pond. So much so that the "Friends of Mankind" group in SL banded together not once, but twice, to fly me out to Amsterdam to perform shows in Summer of both 2008 and 2009. So when I call the group "Family", I really do mean it.

Anyways, this morning I woke up feeling much much better and was really happy thinking I was going to be able to do this gig. Brandy and I got on the marketing at about 12PM SLT, and spread it out as we always do, to many different social sites, emails, SL notices, etc. I decided today, and this isn't an every day thing, to actually "MAKE" a set list for this show. Why? Well, as we all probably feel, we like to go that extra mile for people in our lives closer to us. Thea and G have been so amazingly supportive of me, of SL music and of fellow musicians, Brandy and I both felt that we really needed to pump it up for them.

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At the gig, I was SO happy to see a lot of overseas friends and fans, I've missed you guys. Frankee, Renee, even Roos came in to the event along with about 60 others. An amazing turnout and not only because I was playing, but because I believe people in general will be more supportive of those that support others. Case in point: Thea and G. As I said earlier they are long time supporters of my own music but they work diligently to keep their venue booked with some of SL's best live artists. Further, I see them out there at other artists' performances as well.

So hat's off to you both and of course to Brandy for her amazing efforts and skills in marketing and promoting for our friends' venue. I really enjoyed performing at <<Ground Zero>> and hope to be invited back soon.

On a side note, I saw many new faces as well. It's good to see the music community growing with more people going to shows lately. The main thing is I saw a lot of audience interaction, not only to me and my show but moreover, with EACH OTHER"! I really love seeing people making friends and if it happens because of my show being the meeting place, then I'm truly flattered that much more.

Very large thanks to all who came out. It was a great time!

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