November 23, 2011

Pre-Thanksgiving Show

(Thanks to Butterfly Laa for the picture)

What an amazing night. I performed tonight at Key West, a long time supporter of live music in Second Life. I planned for the show to be an "all request" event and BOY the audience didn't disappoint. There were about 70 people in attendance and requests came in ranging from Train, to Pink Floyd, Live, Radiohead and even a few originals were requested.

The sim held up beautifully thanks likely in part to long time friend and Key West owner, Liz Harley, who wisely did a restart of the sim prior to the show.

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Other Second Life musicians were on hand as well including Noma Falta, Lyndon Heart & Madmax Huet. It warms the bones to see musicians supporting musicians and being on the receiving end is an even bigger thrill.

My thanks of course to Liz and the wonderful SL residents who, after 5 years, still show me amazing support.

It's Thanksgiving tomorrow and among other things, I have you to be thankful for.

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