November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Gift 2011

The day started off like many, getting Aden up, cleaned up, feed, dressed... you know. While he was still half asleep, I wanted to take a look at last year's pictures of Thanksgiving, just to see how much he'd changed.

I can say right off the bat he has definitely grown; not just in the physical sense but his mental state, the way he expresses himself, words, his reading at 3.5 years old, and overall emotional stability as well. It's really a gift for a parent to see their child progress, knowing that it is because of their combined efforts that the child develops into the beautiful person they are. OK I'm gonna stop there before I get all weepy :-P

Aden on Thanksgiving 2010
But look at him from last year... man he was CHOWIN' down that turkey. This year, I don't think he ate anything at all, except maybe some of the pie and some apple juice. Maybe I should have taken a cue from him... might have avoided what came later!

Aden on Thanksgiving 2011

I even watched some of the videos from last year, seeing how different even his walking is today. I'll admit, I'm crazy about taking pictures of him, those of you who are my friends on Facebook can likely attest to THAT!!! He is just constantly impressing me, ya know?

So the day progresses, we leave the house off to celebrate Thanksgiving with family. I carved that baby like there was no tomorrow, found some amazing apple juice to compliment this bird... all goes well till about an hour after we eat. I start feeling this gurgling in my belly. UH OH!!! No one else was having any cramping or feeling anything similar to this dagger I was feeling churning and grinding my insides. OMG it was harsh! I don't know if I just ate too fast, or some spec of "I KEEL YOU" landed specifically on MY turkey but I'll just tell you, it was bad. SO bad in fact that I had to cancel my SL show slated for 9PM. I don't recall EVER feeling thissick from eating in my entire life. To you women who are thinking, "we go through that every month.." NO NO!! NO WAY! This was WAAAAY above and beyond that! So what felt like a few hundred trips to the can and then this morning, thankfully... POOF I feel much better.

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So I would like to thank this year's Thanksgiving for the gift of YEEEOUCH... and cudos to that amazing tasting bird that fooled me into eating too much of him. To you I say TOUCHÉ and well played... heck maybe it was one of the 5 casseroles or the banana cream pie, hell I don't know.

Anyways...  hope you all had a wonderful day with your family and friends. After all was said and done, I am very thankful for my son being in the world. He was smart to choose me as his daddy cuz NO one would ver love him as much as I do! I did enjoy the meal and the company and I know I am very blessed.


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