November 22, 2011

The Source C-C-C-CRASHHHH!!!

It seems lately that almost everywhere I play in Second Life, the venues are crashing. I'm not saying it's due to ridiculous attendance. No! That was the old days of Second Life. These days, tonight for example, like for the past few months, when 40 or 50 people are on a sim, it crashes.

It may be a matter of the servers, or some other "ghost in the machine", but no matter how you slice it, the problem is here and it doesn't seem like it's being addressed. I've heard from friends, fellow musicians and venue owners alike that this is a repeated occurence so it's not just me and my shows.

I WOULD like to give a hats off to Gargravarr Rau, owner of The Source. He provides Second Life with constant live shows at his venue but more than that, he was prepared with a contingency plan. Tonight, The Source sim crashed about 10 minutes into my show with about 40+ people there and within 10 minutes, we were up and running at Ground Zero, another friend's Second Life venue.

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I would urge all SL venue owners to take a cue from Gar. Have a back up plan ready to go for just such a situation and PLEASE keep an open line of communication open with the performer. Second Life performers do work hard at their craft, setting up, learning new music, writing new music, buying updated equipment, etc. there IS overhead, believe it or not and when a sim crashes and half the crowd doesn't come back, it will more than likely hurt the artists' and venues' revenue for the night.

So venue owners, please be prepared to quickly work together with your performing artists to get the show up and running quickly and I believe this will be somewhat of a bandage for the gash in the SL servers... temporarily at least.

I'm pretty sure Linden Lab is working to resolve the matter as my personal connections have told me but we'll just need to hang tight until we're back up to 100%. Second Life is my home away from home and I don't plan on going ANYWHERE!

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  1. Unfortunate over the last 2 months or so, so many issues with Second Life have reared their ugly head; it used to be a sim if balanced right could handle 90 people with lag setting in at around 60 avatars. Yet, even then the sim would remain stable. The Source and Ground Zero are indeed Brother Sister Venues. Thea in the past used to be a big part of The Source and now both she and GMetal are even greater part of The Source. Both Venues have made mutual agreements that if either experiences sim issues, both venues are able to transfer their gigs over to the other. I want to give a Big Thanks to both Thea and GMetal, You too Rock. Seth and Kali, Thank you both for being just a quick and nimble in keeping the show going. This is what Community is all about. Venues, Musicians, Managers, and yes a big part of this the Guests, Each of you have a part to play and THANK YOU!!!

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